Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

A couple of weeks ago we visited a local pumpkin patch. It was a nice family outing and such awesome weather! I love this time of year. PJ wasn't so sure about the animals...
especially when they got closer!But, with a little help from Mom, PJ was willing to feed a couple of goats.
Sitting in a sea of pumpkins
Picking out the perfect one and just his size!
Driving a tractor after patiently waiting his turn.
Running, running, running!
Look Mom and Dad, a train!
"I'm not so sure about this!"
"Ok, I feel a little safer in Dad's arms"

My sweet boys and their toys!

Monday, October 11, 2010

We have a two year old in the house

Well, we officially have a two year old on our hands. We had a blast celebrating PJ over the last couple of weekends. We had a little pajama playdate with some friends who would not be able to attend his party that was held in East Texas. PJ waiting for his friends arrival in the tent (Sorry guys, our photos of that day didn't turn out that good)

On Friday, 10/8/10, PJ celebrated his birthday with us. We gave him a tool bench with lots of loud power tools! He loves it.

Safety first!

Then we went to eat at Cowboy Chicken and ended up going to the little town park with the train to play. While walking over to the play area, we stopped to investigate the pumpkins.

This is the look I get often. He is smiling but when you look closer at his eyes, you can tell he is thinking up his next troublesome act. Hehehehe

And then came the big party day: The School Bus Party. PJ is really into school buses right now and since my dad happens to be in charge of some buses, we decided to to put the two together and make one special boy very happy.

The cake

The driver of the school bus is suppose to look like PaPaw...this was my favorite part of the cake!

PJ showing PaPaw his school bus cake.

PJ had seen a couple of friends blowing out their birthday candles a few weeks ago and he knew just what to do. (Try not to look at the "helpful" mom in the the background.)

Enjoying cake and ice cream.

PJ was a pro at opening up his gifts.

And the best part of the party...the school bus ride, complete with sing "The Wheels on the Bus" song and being bumped around in the parking lot. Such fun for the little ones who haven't yet experienced riding the bus everyday for school.

PJ and cousin Ashley

Kiley and Ray

Sitting with Pa-Paw after his first ever school bus ride.

Thanks to everyone who helped make PJ feel special on his birthday.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PJ is growing up so fast these days. I can hardly believe that my little toddler is capable of so much and talking up a storm. Here are some of his latest accomplishments and funny sayings:

*We are teaching PJ to say "Yes, ma'm and No ma'm" and every time I go to remind him he says "Ma'm Ma'm" very excitedly or in his most hurt voice if he is being scolded

*Let's face it; PJ is a momma's boy, which I love. However, last week, while dad was out of the house, PJ was getting in trouble for something and all of a sudden he started yelling "Daddy! Daddy!" It took everything I had not to laugh! I guess he thought dad would save him. :)

*He has asked to sit on the potty but doesn't do anything yet. I'm just impressed that he wants to.

*Loves to count, he usually makes some sort of sound and points at each object like he is counting and then I will start counting and most of the time when I pause he will fill in the right number if it is under 10

*I keep working with him on colors and he seems completely uninterested but all of a sudden today he pointed out things that were red, yellow and blue and said their appropriate color (I guess he is paying attention to momma)

*On Friday (8/27/10) on our way home from school he said "Momma, love you!" He has been repeating "love you" for some time now whenever we say it first to him but this was the first time he just said it out of the blue. Made my heart swell!

*One of his favorite things to do is play catch. It doesn't matter if it's a ball or a roll of ribbon (that he stole from mom's craft table).

I started this post about 3 weeks ago and just now had a moment to set down to finish. Our lives seem so busy right now. I'm sure after I post this that I'll think of several more things that I wish I had remembered, but this momma is tired :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy Summer!

Hi , I'm PJ and this is my blog. I'm sorry I haven't made Mom update it in awhile, but in her defense I've been keeping her and dad really busy dragging them around on my busy summer schedule. On top of that I broke our camera so I'm making dad update the blog with pictures from his cell phone, as well as some others we took with the new camera that I picked out and they bought. Gotta go, dad says I need to practice my jump shot and I think Mom just discovered the new ketchup stain on the carpet. Enjoy the pics!

Hangin' with my friend K'Lee
Takin' care of that nasty yardwork that dad lets go.

Ready to go to church

Helping Mom with her bags

Reading Dad a book

Volunteering at the local fire department

Hangin' with Nana M. and my best cuzzes Scarlett and Rylie

They love me and I love them

But sometimes we go our separate ways and do our own things - even if we do think alike.

Swimming in Juju's pool

She's gonna tackle me!

At work with Pawpaw checkin' out his schoolbus collection. He even gave me one!

And he let me drive the big bus. I was so excited I talked about it for weeks.

And sometimes I just chill by myself doing weird things.

Wow all these activities has me worn out. I hope I can finish this yog....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Camping and Easter weekend

Easter weekend we decided to go on an impromptu camping trip with our Lubbock friends. We went from Thursday thru Saturday and had mostly great weather. This first night it rained and we found out the hard way that our tent was not waterproof. We actually didn't realize we had water in our tent until the morning and fortunately nothing was ruined but our little man had gotten wet during the night and I felt awful about that. He slept thru it so it must not have been that bad. Still, a very fun adventure with the McMillins. I wish I had taken a picture of our camp. Jonathan and Clint hung up these tarps up all over the place so we had shade (and a place to hang all, and I do mean ALL of our wet belongings)
This was the first time that PJ got to hang out in the hammock and he loved it!

Fun, sweet girls!
Tuckered out! Camping is hard work.

Next day was Easter Sunday!!!! Nana B and Papa got PJ a basketball Easter basket with some golden eggs. Do you think he enjoyed it?
Mommy is so mean. I took out the candy first but he still liked to hide his paci in the egg and find it over and over again. I think he enjoyed himself.

My baby is growing up!!!!! He sat at the kid table for the first time. :(

Showing Papa how to find the perfect egg.

I didn't know how PJ would do at hunting eggs since this was his first hunt but he did great. He did like to shake the eggs and hear them make noise like he does in music class but he would readily put them into his basket and go off to find the next one.

Watching the big kids fly the kites

Petting Uncle Landon's new pet bunny.
This little stinker loves the playhouse at Nana M's house. Can you find him?
Here he is!